About Us

Who Are We?

Over the years ENC Data Solutions has grown into a leading supplier of ATM services throughout eastern North Carolina. We have expanded our services to any location our customers desire and are dedicated to bringing you the best solution for your ATM needs. We are a full service ATM company with a vision to provide you with the best ATM to suit your needs. Whether that be a mobile, outdoor, or fixed unit we will find the perfect fit for you.

Why you need an atm

Increase vendor opportunities and sales

If you are hosting a special event, festival, concert, outdoor street fair, sports event, conference, convention or other venue where you need reliable Portable or Mobile ATM services, ENC Data Solutions can help.

Studies show that on average, over .75 of every dollar that is withdrawn from an event ATM, is actually spent at the event, and the cash is re-circulated right back into the event itself.